Pictures from April 10, 2011 Fabric Mosaic Class

On April 10, I taught a fabric mosaic class at The Scrap Exchange.  Fabric mosaics are one of my favorite forms of creative reuse of scrap fabric.  It was a VERY ambitious class. I had originally planned to teach the students the technique for both the geometric fabric mosaics and the pictorial fabric mosaics in just three hours.  Wishful thinking!

As it turns out, the class took four hours, and I feel like I rushed through the technique on both styles.  Next time, I will break the class into two parts and allow students to take either one or both sessions.  I hate rushing through technique instruction; so many little details get lost in the shuffle.

But my students were amazing and so enthusiastic!  I love sharing technique with others, and I especially love to see how others use the technique to incorporate into their own artistic vision.  I learn something new myself every time I teach a class.  It is truly a mutual learning experience.

I took a few pictures during the class and wanted to share them.  I already have ideas about how to alter the technique for creating the geometric  fabric mosaics.  The fabric is fused onto canvas, and I have always tried to achieve a crisp, sharp pattern in my personal work with this technique.  But I have also puzzled over how to create the illusion of “grout” lines in the work.  Grout lines would allow for the student to concentrate more freely on color and pattern choices, rather than fixating on or getting frustrated by precision.

I think I have come up with an idea!  Finally!  I’ll work on a sample to see if my idea works, and then post the results.

In the meantime, here are the photos from the class.  You will see finished pieces, pieces in progress and students at work.  Thank you to all that came to class – it was a joy to work with you!

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