Fighting the Art

I took a break from the fish today. I picked up a project that I had set aside a couple weeks ago.

It’s a fabric mosaic hibiscus. I had set the project aside because I was struggling with it. And while working on the fish, I came up with some ideas on how to move forward on it. It’s funny how solutions present themselves when you step away from the problem.

So I started the art making today with enthusiasm. But once again I ended up fighting the art. This piece has not been easy! I pulled up a lot of fabric snippets I had already fused down. I tweaked some lines. I reversed some shading patterns. I ignored the center of the flower which is the part I am still unsure about. I had the “dropsies” and kept retrieving snippets and tools off the floor. And my work space is a mess.

As artists, we all have those pieces which drive us crazy. But maybe these are the pieces that facilitate the most growth. I’m still working on the hibiscus, but I can now see in my mind how this will look when it is finished. And I finally like what I see.

hibiscus1 hibiscus2

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