Red Hibiscus is Finished

“Red Hibiscus” by Ruth Warren, 10″x10″ mixed media featuring tissue collage and fabric mosaic

I finished up the Red Hibiscus piece this weekend. I’m happy with it. And better yet, I learned some things as I struggled to get it figured out.

As mentioned in a previous post, this piece was a bit aggravating. I started out with my standard color blocking approach to fabric mosaic. But color blocking assumes you are working with multiple colors. In this case my focal point – the hibiscus – was a solid color. And that left me stumped for a while.

So I eventually realized that it was time to learn how to introduce color shading into my fabric mosaics. That meant I needed to concentrate on shading the petals of the hibiscus if I wanted them to be distinct from one another and have depth.

I quickly learned that I need to take the organization of my fabric snippets to the next level in order to take the art to the next level. Right now the snippets are organized in clear boxes by color. And that worked fine when my pieces primarily relied on color blocking to distinguish elements.  But as I worked on this hibiscus, I discovered it was time-consuming and frustrating to look for just the right shade of red when all the red snippets were jumbled together. If I want to get more proficient at color shading, I need to organize the snippets by shades within each color. That task will be a bit tedious, but it’s time to get it done.


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