A Beachy Button Mosaic

I took a break from tissue papers and fabric scraps this week to work with another favorite material that I collect – buttons!

I dug through my collection of buttons to create a mixed media mosaic featuring a sunset beach scene. Working with buttons is interesting. I have an extensive collection of buttons, but it is finite. I may not have enough of a certain hue or tint I am looking for. My choices are limited. Buttons are mostly round, so I am working primarily with one basic shape as my mosaic “tile”, which can also be limiting.  These two attributes mean I have to make compromises within the art process as I work with “what I have”.

That’s a common characteristic of working with found objects and materials. Reuse artists “make do” with what they have. An item may not be the perfect shape, or the perfect color, or the perfect size, but you figure out how to make it all work within the art piece. And when the artwork takes an unexpected twist based on the need to “make do” with the available materials, you follow the art where it leads.

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