Beach Sunset Tissue Collage

Today I completed a mixed media piece that I started last week. Beach Sunset is a 12″x12″ mixed media piece featuring tissue paper collage.

I collect a wide variety of porous papers to incorporate into tissue collage. The most obvious paper to salvage is used gift tissue. But I also collect used coffee filters, crepe papers, sewing pattern tissue and other porous papers. One of my favorite set of papers in my collection are napkin samples that came from a paper supply store sales book.  They are awesome.

I always explain to others that working with salvaged materials means that the properties of the materials become part of the art. In this case, the ribbed edges of the napkins add directional texture to the palm tree bark and leaves. I like experimenting with the features of different materials and figuring out how the properties can be incorporated to enhance the detail in the art piece. It’s all part of the process.

Beach Sunset is available for sale on my Shop page.

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