The Art of Imperfection

sunflowerI finished a piece this week that is not my best. It has flaws. It is imperfect in so many ways.

The piece is a tissue collage sunflower. I started it nearly a year ago while we were still living in Raleigh, but planning our move to Bradenton and having the new house built.

I wanted a new piece of art for the house that would embrace the new colors I would use in the decor – shades of white, gray and black with pops of yellow and orange. I love using a single flower bloom as subject matter. So I chose a sunflower as my subject, and tissue collage as my medium using salvaged gift tissue paper and napkin samples.

I am still learning so much about tissue paper collage. And I probably made every mistake I could make while working on this piece. I worked on it sporadically for over 10 months. My approach to tissue collage evolved along the way. I had to go backwards at times and redo areas when I discovered new and better techniques. And to be honest, I decided this week that I just wanted to finish it, regardless of the problem areas that I felt still existed. I had spent enough time on it. It was always going to be flawed in my eyes.

And so it is finished and hanging on a wall. It’s a piece that I do not want others to examine too closely, as it is clunky in the execution. But… I love it from a distance. It is bright and it is bold and it makes me smile. It is imperfect art. And that is good enough, because it means I am making art.



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