Depth and Dimension

IMG_3118I am pretty much a self-taught artist. I create based on instinct. I took art classes in high school and college, but it was not my major field of study. And I never really practiced my art day after day, year after year. So I did not experience the growth other artists do when they are younger. I’ve always been passionate about creating, but I was not dedicated to artmaking on a daily basis.

So here I am, 50-something, and finally calling myself a full-time artist. As a result, I am discovering ways to improve my technique. In the past, my artwork tended to be rather flat in terms of depth. My pieces were graphic and colorful, but usually only on a two-dimensional level.  I concentrated primarily on single objects like a flower blossom or a butterfly. I avoided subject matter like landscapes because I was inexperienced and unsure how to create depth within the frame of my work.

But now I am moving forward. I am slowly trying to figure out how to manipulate the materials that I use to create depth on the two-dimensional canvas. This piece, titled Sailboat Sunset, is a result of that effort. And while I have a long way to go in improving my technique, I am getting some unsolicited feedback that reassures me that I am heading in the right direction. When I posted this picture on Facebook, my brother-in-law Tom posted the following response:

“It seems that the more of these mosaics you do, the more dimensional they become. It’s fun watching your process progress.”

Thanks Tom, for noticing. Feedback like this keeps me motivated!

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