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“Coral Reef Currents” by Ruth Warren, 18″x24″ mixed media on canvas featuring tissue collage and fabric mosaic

I’ve been working hard these past few months to get ready for my first solo exhibit since moving to Florida. One of the pieces that I have finished for the show is named Coral Reef Currents.  Once again my primary focus for this piece was movement and flow, as depicted here in the ocean currents around a coral reef.

Coral Reef Currents is a mixed media piece measuring 18″x24″.  I collaged salvaged tissue papers to create the watery background. The long, slender strips of blue tissue papers that are generously layered in this piece help define the flow of water around the fish as they swim about the coral.  My fascination with water continues to grow as an artist.

I used fabric scraps to create the coral reef and fish in the foreground.  Vintage buttons and beach shells are used as embellishments to highlight details such as fish eyes and coral features.  One of the brown coral formations is composed from quilt fabric scraps that date back to the early 1900s, over 100 years old!  The original quilt was a tattered utility quilt in rich shades of brown that must have been used as a barn quilt!  It was beyond filthy when I acquired it and required repeated soakings before the wash water stopped turning black.  The batting was so dirty that it was not salvageable, and the top was torn all over, so the old quilt remnant has since found its way into several art projects.   I love working with fabric scraps that have such a rich history and that represent multiple levels of reuse!

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