Tahitian Pink Princess Hibiscus

“Tahitian Pink Princess Hibiscus” by Ruth Warren, 12″x12″ mixed media on canvas featuring tissue collage and fabric mosaic

I finished this piece earlier this year. It is titled “Tahitian Pink Princess Hibiscus” and measures 12″x12″.  The leafy background features salvaged tissue paper collage, and the hibiscus blossom features fused fabric mosaic.

I love the simplicity of using a single flower as the dominant feature of an art piece. When I am working with a single element as subject matter, it allows me to focus on the detail of that element. Hibiscus flowers are large and bold and make a statement all by themselves. Multi-color hibiscus have exquisite veining detail in the petals. I am working on trying to improve how I interpret that characteristic which is critical to how the color blends across each petal.

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