Sea and Sky: A Series Begins

“Sea and Sky #1″ by Ruth Warren, 12″x12” mixed media on canvas featuring tissue collage

The beauty of a Florida sky is undeniable, especially when juxtaposed against the sea. Sea and sky…. Water and air.  These two natural elements hold the keys to life.

I’ve started to do a few pieces that examine the simple beauty of the horizon when water meets sky. These pieces are focusing primarily on color. The colors in a Florida sky fascinate me, especially in the way that color is reflected in the water. This piece is the first one I have finished in this series. It is titled Sea and Sky #1, and examines the blue, green and purple hues visible in late afternoon as the water begins to darken. Future pieces will incorporate other colors that manifest in Florida skies such as orange, red, pink, purple, grey and more…

Sea and Sky #1 is a mixed media collage piece that measures 12″x12″.  Salvaged materials include tissue paper and paint stained paper towels.


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