Tahitian Pink Princess Hibiscus

I finished this piece earlier this year. It is titled “Tahitian Pink Princess Hibiscus” and measures 12″x12″.  The leafy background features salvaged tissue paper collage, and the hibiscus blossom features fused fabric mosaic. I love the simplicity of using a single flower as the dominant feature of an art piece. When I am working with a single element as subject matter,[…]

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Birth of an Exhibit: Our Plastic Waters

You cannot live in Florida and not notice water. Water is everywhere. It is in ponds and lakes, streams and rivers, inlets and bays, gulfs and oceans. Since moving to Florida, I have begun to explore water in my work. And the more I explore, the more I fall in love. Healthy water is life-supporting. Healthy water is nurturing. Healthy water is ever-changing.[…]

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