T-shirt Quilts & Wall Art

T-shirts are an iconic symbol of modern fashion and even modern history. Our t-shirts document our lives, from childhood to adulthood. And so we have drawers and closets and attics full of t-shirts that we hate to get rid of, because they hold such strong memories of the organizations, schools, events, music, sports and more that defined our lives.

A popular way to reuse t-shirts is the t-shirt quilt. You can see some examples of t-shirt quilts that I have made here on this page. I also like to isolate and highlight individual t-shirts by fusing them onto canvas for a singular piece of wall art.

shannon loeffler quilt #1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


  1. You make fabulous quilts and are very creative in your other projects!
    I am a seasoned quilter…somewhere between beginner and experienced!!! lol! I have always wanted to make a t shirt quilt, but I am confused. Some people say you are to applique the shirts and some say not too. What is your opinion? The quilt will be used, a lot, I hope. I could ask the ladies where I buy material, but that is where the discrepencies. I hope you can help, I would appreciate it!
    thanks, Terrie

    1. Terrie,
      I apologize for never answering your question until now! I use a fusible tricot knit interfacing on the back of the t-shirts to stabilize them and reduce the natural stretch of the t-shirt fabric. One brand you can use is HTC Fusi-Knit. Pellon also has a verson of fusible tricot interfacing called Easy Knit. Both are iron-on tricot interfacings. I hope this info helps!

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