Movement and Flow

IMG_3123In my last blog post I talked about how I have been working on teaching myself to create depth and dimension in my artwork. I have also been working on using shapes and their spatial relationships with each other to create movement and flow.

“White Egret” is a piece that I finished last November. The colors are basic; primarily blue for the water and white for the egret.  Since the color palette and subject matter were simple, I could better concentrate on the shapes of the tissue papers and fabric pieces I was using and how they were placed in relationship to each other.

My goal was to use the shapes and placement of those pieces to evoke the movement of rippling water on a lake and feathers flowing across the neck and body of the egret. I ripped a variety of blue tissue papers into irregular strips and layered them in the background. (This is my current favorite method for creating a watery background.) And then I overlapped tiny elongated white fabric triangles to simulate feathers on the egret. After studying photos of egrets to see how the feathers naturally lay in nature, I started with the body on the left side of this piece and worked my way up to head, overlapping pieces row by row.

I am so happy with how my egret turned out. When I first started experimenting with tissue collage and fabric mosaic several years ago, I concentrated mostly on color to separate elements from each other, but little else. Now I am really thinking about the sizes, shapes, and placement of the scraps I am using within my mixed media pieces to add depth, dimension, movement and flow within the artwork. My technique is evolving.



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