Sunburst Sunset: A Bead Mosaic


"Starburst Sunset" by Ruth Warren, bead mosaic on reclaimed cork board
“Starburst Sunset” by Ruth Warren, bead mosaic on reclaimed cork board

Sunburst Sunset is a bead mosaic featuring reclaimed mardi gras beads. The beads were found in local Goodwill thrift stores. (Apparently, people are fond of partying on the gulf coast of Florida, as I can find these used beads consistently in my Goodwill visits!) The base for this piece is a used cork board, also found in a thrift shop.

Creating a bead mosaic is fairly simple.  I sketch the basic design on the base, and then use paint or tissue paper to block in the color throughout the sketch. Once the color blocking is complete, I add the beads in short strands using a cement style glue like E6000 as an adhesive.

The key to creating an interesting bead mosaic is to collect LOTS of beads before starting. It’s important to have a wide range of sizes, shapes and color shades to add interest and texture to a bead mosaic.

Check out this video to see the progression of Sunburst Sunset!


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