Swimming to the Light Series

Last month I completed two more pieces in my Swimming to the Light series. In this series I have examined the movement of fish underwater and the spirals they appear to create when viewed from certain angles.

I began this series last year after watching a video of divers encountering “fish spirals” in the ocean. The images intrigued me as I watched the fish seem to spiral up to the surface in large schools as if they were swimming to the sunlight above. The first two pieces that I created with this theme have sold, so that tells me the subject matter resonates with others as well.

So far, I have been using a collage technique for this series.  The background is composed of salvaged tissue paper, and the fish have been cut from either discarded silk flower petals or used paint palette paper given to me by friends who are painters. I layered hundreds and hundreds of strips of torn tissue paper in the background to achieve the variation of color from dark to light, and create a sense of movement through lines. I remain fascinated by the way tissue paper can be layered and manipulated to look like paint. It is fun to see the reaction of viewers when they ask about the paint technique, and I tell them it is paper.

I would like to explore this theme in a few more tissue collage pieces, and then perhaps change to another material to see how the interpretation of the subject matter is changed based on the properties of the material. For example, what would a fish spiral look like if I tried to use fabric or mardi gras beads??? Stay tuned….

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