Button and Bead Mosaics

Who remembers being  fascinated with Grandma’s button collection that she stored in old cookie and candy tins? I certainly do! I could spend hours as a child sorting through the vintage round treasures. Who needed toys when you could sort through a button tin?? As an adult, I have amassed an insane amount of buttons and still enjoy spending hours sorting them[…]

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Night Runner Hibiscus Fabric Mosaic

I recently finished this mixed media piece titled Night Runner Hibiscus. Once again, the piece features a combination of tissue collage and fabric mosaic. Night Runner Hibiscus measures 12″x12″ and is available for sale. I made some progress figuring out how to lay down tissue collage backgrounds for these floral fabric mosaics. The key is layering. I began with color[…]

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First Fish Series is Complete

I finished up the series of 4 fabric mosaic fish this week. This is the first set of artwork that I have completed since moving down to Bradenton and making the commitment to myself to be a full time artist. I’m figuring out what that means – pursuing art full time. It’s going to take discipline. It is so easy[…]

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